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Time Freak (2018)

8 views Comments (0)

Time Freak

Time Freak is a movie starring Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner, and Skyler Gisondo. A genius teenage boy is in love with a girl who breaks up after a year. He invents a time-machine and tries to fix the break-up repeatedly. He… (more…)


The Orville (season 2)

1,078 views Comments (0)

The Orville

4 episodes

The second season of the series “The Orville” continues to talk about the near future of planet Earth, when people learned to use super energy and move spacecraft into space at the speed of light, and also established friendly ties with representatives of other worlds. As the main characters, a separate multi-racial team of the Orville spacecraft is taken, performing various tasks that come to them from the command of the Earth’s space flotilla.
The team encounters various difficulties both among themselves. After all, each member of the race has his own needs and in different parts of the universe.


Star Trek: Discovery (season 2)

2,707 views Comments (0)

Star Trek: Discovery

1 episodes

The second season of the series “Star Trek: Discovery” will continue the story of the Discovery spacecraft. This ship with a crew on board went through a lot. The main characters, the managers of Discovery, are real adventurers who find themselves in the very epicenter of extreme and dangerous events. They perform an important mission, trying to preserve the world in galaxies. From episode to episode, characters resolve interracial conflicts, fight piracy, fight unknown strangers, save entire settlements from death due to cataclysms that broke out, and so on!


Future Man (season 2)

1,263 views Comments (0)

Future Man

13 episodes

Future Man is a TV series starring Eliza Coupe, Josh Hutcherson, and Derek Wilson. Josh Futturman, a janitor by day and a gamer by night, is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time to prevent the extinction of… (more…)


Gotham (season 5)

4,146 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

This series is devoted mainly to the future Commissioner Gordon, one of Batman’s main allies among the common people. We see how Gordon, while still new to the police, is trying to join the team, but very quickly realizes that Gotham received the title of “the most criminal city in the world” not without the help of his detective colleagues who cover criminals, imprison innocent people and try hush up the case only for the sake of increasing national calm. We are told the story of his formation – why he decided to go against the system (from the very first frames it is clear that he does not look like other detectives) and how this affected his character.


The First (season 1)

3,278 views Comments (0)

The First

8 episodes

The action in the movie “The First” takes place in the near future. A group of engineers, scientists and astronauts are sent to the first manned flight to Mars in order to colonize the Red Planet. The expedition, one of the participants of which is the former NASA astronaut Tom Haggerty, faces many difficulties. Difficult times are experienced by the relatives and friends of the colonists remaining on Earth, as well as ground specialists.


The Gifted (season 2)

5,819 views Comments (0)

The Gifted

12 episodes

The plot in the series “The Gifted” is twisted around an ordinary family who lived a normal life, until their children began to show unusual abilities. And because of this, the whole family now has to run away and look for a safe place. Actions in the series unfold very quickly and dynamically. There are many chases and battles using unusual abilities. Ordinary people are afraid of the Gifted, therefore they treat them like outcasts.


The Flash (season 5)

13,910 views Comments (0)

The Flash

10 episodes

Young man Barry Allen grew up without a mother. She died at the hands of an unknown killer, but in the woman’s death the father of the main character was blamed. Allen chose the profession of forensic medical expert to eventually find the culprit in this case. On the way to solving the mystery the protagonist is faced with an amazing device of Harrison Wells – particle accelerator. However, the accident in the complex takes Allen by surprise. He receives a discharge of lightning and falls into a long coma. After coming to life, Barry discovers amazing abilities that allow him to move at an incredible speed.


Counterpart (season 2)

6,981 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

The second season of the adventure drama “Counterpart” with elements of fiction offers viewers to continue their journey through another world that is intertwined with our reality. Howard Silk, working in a small agency, which is engaged in the protection of a mysterious corridor uniting the worlds, accidentally learns about the existence of Prime. In this corridor there are guards, customs, special agents, catching illegal immigrants, as well as those who cross the border on a special visa, issued for several hours or days. These are, most often, business cases, and, moreover, not always legal. About seven percent of the population died because of a flu epidemic, and close contact with other residents, ranging from a handshake, is strictly prohibited. Another feature of parallel reality is that – it is inhabited by people who are the equivalent of a person from the present. Howard in our world is a clerk, and Howard from another dimension is an operative who comes to our world to prevent murder.


Black Lightning (season 2)

5,553 views Comments (0)

Black Lightning

9 episodes

Universe DC and Marvel presented viewers with many original superheroes. Now the second season of the series “Black Lightning” has released . The main characters of the series are the family Pierce. Jefferson Pierce was the Black Lightning superhero many years ago, but he gave his wife a promise to spend more time with his family. This led to dangerous consequences. There are many criminals in the city. And in order to end with the crime, the main hero had to put on the superhero costume again.

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